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Brokerage Services

Triad’s Brokerage Services provides our clients comfort with the knowledge that their insurance needs will be handled by professionals with vast experience and expertise.


Our brokerage professionals analyze each client’s program and determines the appropriate coverage that is needed. We then approach multiple markets to be certain that our clients receive coverage in the most cost effective manner. Our brokerage allows us to offer a variety of coverages, including fully insured programs, excess loss, group self-insurance and safety group management to accounts of varied size.


Our Brokerage Services include an extensive network of carriers that we partner with to place excess workers’ compensation and other insurance needs. Triad’s Brokerage Services also includes a dedicated Excess Workers’ Compensation Manager that oversees all Excess WC reimbursements, 15-8 reimbursements as well as a third-party subrogation to ensure all reimbursements are timely and accurate.

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